Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Post

I dont get to update my blog like i would like to do, I have been so busy lately with other things my poor blog gets pushed to the back a lot. Here is what has been up with us lately

Larry got just over 5,000 bucks from the 48 for Larry event, and a local organization has stepped in to pay for the rest of what he needs for his surgery. Larry will be just fine now! YAY! I pray he gets thru the surgery OK and he lives a long healthy life to see his grandkids someday. If I hear anything more I will keep you updated. Thanks so much to my street team members who helped out. You made me proud! Thanks also to everyone else who bid or donated items, we came together out of love for this man and made something beautiful happen. I am proud I could be a part of it.

My street team got a grant from Etsy, yeah they gave US a grant WOW! We got it for advertising, my right hand woman, Kim is on top of it due to me being so busy with other things at the moment. I have NO idea what I would do without her!

My steet team is gonna be opening up a team shop very soon, I am hoping we can get some team logo shirts made up as soon as we can get a logo made to be silkscreened or digitized to an embroidery design. Big plans here! All the money from the team shop will go toward team expenses like a meeting in the I WISH! LOL We want to do tons of advertising. The team has the potential to do big stuff here. I am excited. Thanks a million times over to Sara who is gonna be running the team shop. She is invaluable! She also has a cool shop with bunches of Reusable Coffee Sleeves She has a HUGE job in the team and that is taking care of the members and all that is involved with that. Sara, you rock!

I have a wholesaler buying from me who is local now, so I will be making soap and perfumes in mass. YAY! I have another lined up for August, we will see how that works out.

I have been taking a lot of customs lately for clothing and have been busy busy taking care of those, I have made some really awesome pieces lately. I have had lots of fun projects and I thank you guys for letting me make your clothing dreams a reality!

My job over at HMN is going great, I have a couple of features coming up over there, and I really enjoy writing a lot. I am proud to be on the ground floor of such a great source of information. HMN has some changes coming up soon to the design and look, so keep checking back often. Bookmark us and check out all the Departments, there is something for everyone whether your looking for Fun Stuff to do or your wanting to market your business better, we got ya covered! My profile has listings of all the articles I have wrote on Marketing. I been at this for quite a while and picked up some things along the way and I enjoy being able to pass the info along to businesses starting out.

Maylee is growing so big! In case you dont follow me on facebook where I post tons of pictures of her, here are some! I havent posted cute baby pictures in a while LOL

Her shirt was a gift from the super talented FacesAreFunny who does AMAZING silkscreen work. Thanks again Robin, Maylee loves her shirt!

Tyler goes into 6th grade this year and Justin goes into 10th. I cant believe they are so big! I will be 35 soon in August! Justin will be 16 two days before I am 35! AHHHH! My babies are becoming men! Where does the time go??

Maylee is awake now so my moment of spare time is over, I just wanted to post "About me" so you know whats up and why I havent been here much. I miss blogging and hope to have more time soon!


facesarefunny said...

Oooooh, Maylee looks so cute! I love your skirt with the red flower in the picture you posted. ;-)

KimberlyRies said...

You have been busy girl! I don't know how you do it all!!

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read more of your articles.

Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks guys! I have no idea how I do it either, Kim I think its magic or something! LOL

Robin, that skirt was amazing in person I neeeed to make one to sell. That was a custom order, and it was so plain It needed SOMETHING so I came up with the fancy ruffles and the flower. Looks awesome!