Sunday, July 26, 2009

48 For Larry update 2

48 for Larry is in its last day today. As of this writing These are the money stats

Goal is $20000.00
Cash Donations..........$ 814.00
Auction Bids...............$ 3271.16
Total...........................$ 4085.16

814 bucks in cash donations! WOW! Thanks so much to everyone who bid in the auction or that donated money. If you wish to donate to this great cause to save a friend's life I am sure they will keep the donate button up past the auction which ends at 6 PM today (sunday) Even 5 bucks can help. If everyone reading this would donate 5 bucks, those 5 bucks add up and make HUNDREDS of bucks.

5 bucks is a crappy lunch at McDonald, a cup of ulcer at Starbucks, some cheap something that you really didnt need anyway at a big name store. I know there are a lot of people in the same boat I am that dont even have that much. But if you do have enough right now to cover your basic needs with some left over please consider Larry. 5 bucks really does make a difference.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read my blog thru this whole 48 for Larry campaign and thanks to all who donated money or an item to the silent auction. Bless you all for helping everyones friend, Larry
Love you Larry!!!!
48 for Larry

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