Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good news For us

Where to begin! My luck has really changed this week! I got a wholesale account with a local lady who sells at Mellwood Arts Center She will be stocking her boutique with my soaps and perfumes! YAY! So if you live here in Louisville I will let you know when she opens for sure so you can stop by.

I won the Artfire Facebook contest! Thanks so much to my facebook friends for helping me out! Thanks again to HarmonArt for letting me write about their awesome shop full of ceramic and gourdament goodness! Thanks also to everyone that seen my link here on the blog and "liked" my comment. You have no idea what this means to me. I NEVER get to shop for stuff I dont need ya know? And this is a great oppurtunity for me to do that. Of course I am buying for the kids but I am getting some stuff just for *ME* too! YAY!

My husband and I are collaborating with my mom in her evil plan to move us to her property to make him mow grass and make me paint stuff around the house for the rest of our lives. I am OK with this as long as mommy makes lots of chocolate pies in return for the labor.

We have agreed that YES we are moving, and YES we will do it as soon as we get the money together which shouldnt be too many more months away. We have a rare opportunity right now to save a lot of money and we are taking advatage of it so that we can eventually OWN whatever we end up living in with no more housing payment! That is my goal. Then we can be rich! I think mom secretly wants to be closer to the baby and she wants us to be there cause she is lonely without dad but she wont say so.

Behind my moms house is a virtual family trailor park. This all started when my uncle bought a house in the country...then I got divorced from my first hubs and mom and dad couldnt deal with the drama and moved on my uncles property next to his house...then a few months ago my cousin (uncles daughter) moves a trailor and her 3 kids behind his house...and here we are looking to move behind moms house beside my cousin LOL. I dont think the land can hold another family member so all you guys back off the last spot is TAKEN! LOL It will be SO NICE to live so close to family! Maylee can play with her cousins and I can get to know mine better, it will be so nice. I cant wait!

So thats my "happy" blog post. Things are changin', times getting better and better. I am so blessed. Maylee also learned how to say "kisses" last night, and she has started giving kisses as a game this past week. Maybe that had something to do with our luck changing LOL. I would like to think so.

I have some new articles up on HMN too if you got time for more reading of my writing LOL. Now you know I couldnt go thru a whole blog post without spamming SOMETHING I do !


KimberlyRies said...

Glad to hear your luck is changing Libby!! You deserve it!

Carrie Mayer said...

It's wonderful to have family you can depend on! I live near all of my kin and it's great to know you are never alone!

Pren said...

yay! im glad to hear things are going up up up for you :0).

Cintia said...

cool girl sound good doe you tweet add me there too! I am out of washer soap Help LOL!!

Kellibeans said...

So happy for you Libby! Family is everything.

Michelle said...

Well congratulations! It's fun to win but the Momma in us won't let us just do for us! LOL! Have fun shopping and I would wish you fun in moving but, I hate moving..! LOL! There's no fun in that! Enjoy your final destination!!