Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update to Smocking tutorial post

Those of you who have not been with me long may have missed this post...of course my blog is searchable if you enter a search term in the box at the VERY top left hand corner of the blog you can search for all my tutorials or anything else you wanna know about.

Anyhoo I wrote this post last March and it has got tons of hits so I decided to update it since it could use pictures or something, so I decided to add a video! Its in 2 parts cause I cant figure out how to join them yet LOL

Smocking tutorial Video

In the video I am making a dress for a plus size lady but you can apply this technique to a dress or top of any size person. Its mostly the basic technique I am trying to teach here. So enjoy! And be on the lookout for that smocked dress coming to my Artfire and Etsy shop soon!


Ailurophile said...

Great tutorials. What an adorable baby Maylee is. Lovely blog :)

PurrPrints said...

I'll have to come back and check this out--I'm determined to learn how to make my own dresses, since i can hardly ever find ones I truly like in the stores

Auroras_Garden said...

Its so easy to do, you should totally do it. Thats one reason I make my own clothing is cause everything in the stores sucks. Plus its so hard to find nice plus size stuff too. Good luck!

tommysmum said...
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