Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Crust Cake

So your thinking...peanut butter and chocolate crust?? But its a cake?? Yes!
Under the thick layer of uber creamy peanut butter icing is a decent layer of chocolate "crust" which is nothing more than some melted chocolate chips but they give a nice but of hard crusty-like goodness to the cake. I made this up myself. yep. THIS kind of stuff is why I am fat guys. There is a reason for this! LOL

So anyhoo, here is your supply list:

Confectioners sugar - 3/4 of a bag
1 stick of REAL butter unless you enjoy eating something that was invented to fatten turkeys but ended up killing them
about half a jar of peanut butter, more or less depending on how obsessed you are with peanut butter. I used about half a 16 ounce jar (smiles)

Any kind of vanilla cake mix
Any kind of vanilla instant pudding
About 1/3 cup of soymilk or regular milk if you still use it
1 cup of water
3/4 bag of chocolate chips
3 eggs or egg substitute if you wish
1 small serving size cup of activia vanilla yogurt, or about 1/3 cup of sour cream or plain yogurt


Here is how to make the frosting. Put your stick of butter in the microwave and get it soft and kinda melty. Pour in confectioners sugar until you get a really thick frosting, add some milk if you like. Add in your peanut butter and taste to make sure the peanut butter taste is stronger than the sugar taste. I tested mine a lot!

When its thick enough you will know it cause it will be kinda stiff like frosting in a can you buy, but this is SOOO much better and really dont take no time to make, you can do it while the cake is baking if you like. Just to kill time cause your going nuts smelling the cake...


Put your dry ingedients in a bowl, cake mix, pudding mix. The add the 1/3 cup of milk, and 1 cup of water and your 3 eggs. Mix it up good...taste the batter, go ahead you know you want to...I wont tell...

Pour the batter in cake pans of your choice, and bake on 350 till its done...about 15 minutes?? ovens differ so keep an eye on it.

While cake is baking make the frosting.

When cake is done take it out of the oven and let it cool for a little bit, maybe 5 or 10 minutes however long you can stand it and then comes the fun part. The chocolate crusty part!

Take the chocolate chips and put on the warm cake, as they melt spread them around with a knife or something. till you get a nice coverage like so:

Pop this in the freezer for half hour or so...maybe not quite that long. you just want the cake to hurry up and cool off, if your more patient just let it sit out till its cool. Then you spread on the delicious peanut butter frosting you just made and cut the pieces and eat it....then regret it...slightly.

This picture was taken after I ate a piece...sorry. i was so excited it was done I forgot to take a picture of the pretty frosting job I did, I just went straight away and cut it and devoured a piece THEN I remembered I needed to take a picture...oh well LOL It was so darn good I had to share with you guys. ENJOY!


KreatedByKelly said...

Libby!! This sounds fantastic!! I'll have to try out your recipe. Both my guys love chocolate and peanut butter so this would be a perfect treat!

I have to admit that I love love love icing and I make that peanut butter icing just like you do allllllll the time. Yeah, I just eat straight icing.......there's a reason why I am fat too!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

OMG! I am so hungry for that cake right now! I'll have to try making it!

Auroras_Garden said...

Rachel come on up and get you some, I will be home all day! I got a few pieces left but you better hurry! LOL

Kelly, I had to fight myself to keep from eating all the frosting...I kept tasting it to make sure it was ok..over and over and over LOL

coltpixy said...

MUST make this THIS week! OMG I am drooling over here. Thank you for the recipe.

KimberlyRies said...

There's nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate!!