Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plus Size Bloomers Custom made for YOU!

I have noticed lately that a LOT of people are wanting BLOOMERS! I just wanted to put it out there to the world that, YES! I make them! I can make them to fit anybody no matter how if your small we may have to talk LOL Small sizes scare me.

Here are some pics of bloomers past to give you an idea of what they turn out like

I also make petticoats! I dont have a pic of a full length one cause its usually something I make to go along with another order, and so I dont make them just to sell...I sell them, but you know...I dont list them...LOL

This is a short one I did as a custom order and just happened to take pics

I can make these in any length with any length of ruffle on them. This one was short to go under a pirate skirt....I like pirates, and ninjas too. I married a ninja because of his joke! He really is part Ninja.....Ok no one believes me (sad face)

Anyhoo back to the bloomers and stuff. I have a
Listing on Etsy for ME to make YOU a custom pair of bloomers OR a petticoat whichever you like. If you click the link and the item is sold, just look in my store Auroras Garden and there will be a new listing to take its place, if not I am slippin' just send me a message thru Etsy!

The catch is to get it this cheap it HAS to be made out of Muslin. I can do bleached or unbleached and thats your only choice for fabric LOL. I can make them in other colors of course but the price is different because the fabric is more get the point.

I specialize in plus sizes...dont think your too big for me to make you something either...I can do it! I love making my big mama's feel purty. Thats my goal in beautify the plus size mama!

If your really small, like I said we will have to talk. I feel scared making something so tiny I cant fit it to make sure it "works" but I have made bloomers for the skinny before and they love them, so if your a size 14 or under just send me a message first auroras_garden@insi
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Julie said...

Oh, this is great! I had to laugh about you needing to "talk" to the skinny folks! LOLOL. These bloomers are so cute! Hey, I just had a fairy sighting and posted pics on my blog!

Zhevah said...

omg!!! i have to have some how much?