Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tutorial on making PANTS

OK kids, as promised here is a tutorial on how to make PANTS! This is NOT hard, its really not. I promise. I will do my best to explain everything as easily as possible, so take a deep breath, find a couple yards of fabric you like and come on!

First I located some fabric I liked...this one was a find! I was very excited to get this piece. It is a buncha Chinese people riding horses and stuff. Its pretty cool.

You will need a pattern for this tutorial. I dont have the time tonight to write out how to make your own. I am sure there are others around just google it. But for now this is for the people with a pattern in hand and just cant figure it out to save their life.

I work with a 4 part pattern I made. These are the pieces to the left here. two fronts and two backs. The U shape in the center is the crotch...I will attempt to show you how this all comes together in a moment.

Here is a really lame picture of what we are sewing here. First you take 1 front piece and 1 back piece and line them up so both points of the crotch line up and the inside leg seam is straight.Right sides facing of course. Sew down the leg from the crotch point (that sounds gross) to the bottom of the leg. Do the same for the other front and back piece.

Then after you get the legs sewn then you match up both front and backs with the other front and backs... you end up with something that looks sort of like the top picture only the right sides should be facing and the inner leg seams are sewn.

~*This gets tricky if your working with solid color fabric!! Beware! If you are working with solid color fabric remember the piece with the longest point on the crotch is the BACK and the piece with the shortest point for the crotch is the FRONT. ****MAKE DAMN SURE you got everything matching before you sew the U shape when you work with solid color fabric...I have sewn the fronts and backs and went to match them up to sew the U shape and realized I have a front piece where a back piece should be. This is impossible to do with a printed fabric but happens to me at least once a week with solids LOL.

You sew this U shape and once your done sewing the U shape then.....

Then you have this! This looks like a giant mess but you will see how it comes together in a minute. This is the U shape in the center sewn up, and the inner leg seams. After this then you match up the right sides with the waist parts matching (grab the outside ends of this piece) and you get this:

This is the front of the pants laying on the back of the pants and all you got to do now is sew up the outer side seams and put in the elastic and hem the bottoms That seam going down the center is your U shape!

I hope this didnt confuse anyone worse LOL. I hope the pictures helped to illustrate what I am trying to say here. Any feedback is appreciated. If you cant comment for whatever reason feel free to send email to

I have other tutorials on this blog too, just click on the "Tutorial" link in my "Labels" list on the right column and it will show you all of them!


pren said...

vert cool thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Libby this is great. Thanks for sharing your UBER talent with us. *hugs* I'll try it -- the sewing challenged queen --- and post pics for ya.


As the Clock Ticks said...

Thanks for sharing this!
Making pants is my next sewing challenge!