Saturday, June 21, 2008

I made a treasury on Etsy!!

Yeah I get excited pretty easy dont I...if I jump up and down over new flavors of Kool-Aid and Jell-o you can imagine how I feel over the treasury I just made LOL


I waited on Etsy and checked it constantly since 6 AM to get this treasury. I was determined and hell bent. I was gonna get one no matter what!

I only wish I had 12 more spaces to put people whos work I love so dearly.

The theme of my treasury is "Hippie Style" I got things that show off our unique style, from the patchwork clothing, to the incredible applique work some mamas do to the cool head gear we wear like the goddess head wraps and dread bands. I think it looks pretty good and I would love to see all of us on the front page...oh I would LOOOVE it! I get tired of seeing the same stuff there. Yeah its nice but its OUR turn now

So go to my
treasury, and click on everything there...leave me a comment even if its something lame like "cool." pass the link to your friends, go to the library and use each computer to go to the treasury and click on all the stuff...OK I am going overboard, but please pass the link to all your hippie friends!


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pren said...

you know i totally have to meet you in person some day cause i just love you and your enthusiasm about stuff. your blog is so fun to read cause you just make me wanna jump up and down and squeel with you! EEEEEEEE! (jumping and flailing)