Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adorable pictures of Maylee

I love my baby. I really really love her. I just cannot take eno
ugh pictures of her. In my eyes she is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide universe! I never in my life dreamed I would ever get to have a daughter of my own, and here she is. She is all mine, and she is so beautiful

I took pictures of her this afternoon attempting to de-hair her father while he was tryin
g to sleep on the boys trampoline...this was pretty funny.

You can see her here, she is biting his shoulder with her two new teeth and she is pulling his nose with her hand. I am not sure what she is doing with the other hand, probably punching him in the gut.

Here you can see Maylee's Fist of Fury. Its best to be careful of the "fist" also she carries one mean slobber hand slap. Got to always be on the lookout for the slobber hand slap! Nothing like getting slapped in the glasses by a baby hand covered in warm slobbers.

Here you see Maylee doing her new favorite thing...standing up! She will use ANYTHING she can get her hands on to pull up to something...your ears, your hair, the box with her toys in it...the box full of buttons I used to have.....

You can see her thinking in this picture...plotting his destruction....

Here you can see the pool Maylee was born in. Cool huh? Me and her got in it a couple of days ago. It was a Kodak Moment for sure but I was all wet and had a wet baby so I didn't take no pictures...I wish I would have! She was so cute in her swimsuit!

Here is a picture I took today of me and her. It kinda sucked so I played with it in my photo editing program I love so much. I like the way it looks now. We look pretty cute together.

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