Sunday, June 7, 2009

Celebrating Life Thru Art Fine Art and Craft Fair

I had a really super great time at the show yesterday. There was so many vendors, and so much talent at this show it was awesome! I cant thank Kim Ries enough for semi-twisting my arm to get me to go!

Many thanks to Donna Williams for being so awesome. She knew who I was as soon as I pulled up to the lot (imagine that!) She had a huge smile and a big hug waiting for me, that made my morning. So thanks a bunch for that Donna!

This was my table at the show before customers hit it LOL. I had a decent day. I cant complain. I made a little money and had a load of fun meeting so
many new people on the team and meeting future team members too!

I met Dawn who is an amazing photographer. She was so kind to bring me a gift of the most beautiful picture I ever seen of some redbud trees...My dad loved redbuds, and I always had a soft spot for them too. I cant thank you enough Dawn! This is going with my fine art collection!

And of course my old buddy (wink wink) Kim Ries was there with her awesome Jewelry. I had to trade her out of some earrings cause I been looking at them in her shop and couldnt resist no more! The ones the link points to is yellow but the ones I got are gorgeous blue..same style just blue. It was hard to pick one pair. It really was! Thanks for the trade Kim! Hubs liked them too he was impressed, and he dont impress easy LOL

And my booth partner was the ever sweet Jessica. Her shop is called ThePinkNeedle and her hair bows and things are on the coolest cards ever! They are so pretty! She uses this hole punch thingy to make the edges look like lace. It was awesome and I was super impressed cause everything looked so classy and so totally shabby chic! Totally my style. Jessica makes some really adorable purses and the sweetest cutest thumbtacks you ever seen! Jessica if you read this it was awesome to be your booth partner and we need to do it again sometime!!!

And on down from our two spots was the amazing IrisInBloom with her gorgeous embroidered shirts and things. I embroider too and the quality of her embroidery is amazing. No hoop burn, no wrinkling either to the fabric around the embroidery. Her stuff is really incredible in person and I highly recommend her if your in the market for something gorgeous and embroidered. She was a pleasure to talk to as well.

And just a step away from IrisInBloom was the ever lovely and lively Carolyn. I love Carolyn, she has such a sweet country way about her. Carolyn owns CowgirlRosie and makes the prettiest stuff you ever seen. This lady can sew like nobodies business for real! This tote is incredible in person as is her amazing fabric bowls.

Carolyn was in on the very beginning of the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team which I am proud leader of right now. I also got to meet Robin who was the very first leader of the team. I was so proud to finally meet her! I feel like I got to see a little piece of the history of the team and meet the people who had a vision in the beginning.I just get all warm and fuzzy inside over this kind of stuff..... I hope to make them proud by taking this team even farther than they could have dreamed possible. Thanks guys for having a vision, I hope I can do you proud too!

So that was my big day at the Celebrating Life thru Art show.

Donna, I would LOVE to do it again next year and I will make Kim come with me I promise hehehehe


KimberlyRies said...

You are so on the ball to post this already!! I had a great time yesterday. We had spectacular weather and steady traffic throughout the day. It was great to see you again Libby. You don't have to twist my arm to go next year. I wouldn't miss it!
P.S. Glad hubs was impressed with the earrings. Those beads are called brocade beads. They are very cool!

Dawn said...

Hey Libby! I have some adorable pictures of Maylee for you! I was so happy to meet everyone, it was a lot of fun I cannot wait to do it again!!! I love my fruity fizz lotion!! I'm very touched that you like the redbud trees as much as you do. That is one of my favorite photos and you are the first to voice appreciation for it, it makes me pretty emotional to see that it means something to you. Everyone was so great!! You girls are a lot of fun, I only wish I did not have my 'stay in the booth and behave' face on so I could have chatted more with you all!!

Auroras_Garden said...

Dawn I do adore the picture. My father would have adored it just as much. I only wish he was still around to see it. I am positive it would have had a place next to his chair with his favorite picture of Maylee that he kept next to him at all times.
We need to get together again SOON! I would love to chat with you more. We should have a get together somewhere real soon. I would LOVE to see the pictures of Maylee you got. Email em to me

Kim I cant wait to do this again next year it really was a great show!

Kellibeans said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Ya'll are gonna have to let me know ahead of time next year, I'd love to booth there too!

Jessica Marie said...

thanks so much for mentioning on here!

i used your soap the other day and LOOOOOVE it!


facesarefunny said...

I'd love a heads up next year, too! I might be able to handle a 1 day show! Looks like you all were having fun!

Heather said...

Libby! This looks like you had a blast and your display looks great :-D I need a bluegrass team in the dairy state.