Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Heart Handmade Eco Show

Its here ! And as promised here is the link to the virtual craft show and the link to my page as well!

Maylee's Garden vegan Soaps

I heart Handmade Main page

The show looks great and everyone is offering some kind of deal if you buy from them thru the I heart Handmade show, and there are prizes being given away DAILY! So drop by, tell your friends, spam the link to the site all over the place. Its a very lovely site to behold, easy on the eyes and fun to navigate. So go check it out!!

I am offering free shipping thru my artfire shop if you enter in a special coupon code word...but to find out you have to see my I Heart Handmade page hehehehe


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Hello dear! (I'm still waiting for that indian food!!! lol)
First I hope you and Maylee are feeling better! Your post before was hilarious! Blogger really hates me at times and doesnt let me leave a messages a lot.
I hope you do good in the I heart handmade show...I did the Fall and Christmas one...I think they were just starting out really and I only sold 1 soap....was really bummed didn't cover the fee. I thought about trying it again..but decided against it. I really promoted the show a lot too and had many views and inquireries, in fact there wernt a lot of soap crafters, so I was even more dissapointed...I really hope you do much better...let me know how it goes and I'll think about doing it again! Miss talking to you!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for following my blog. :) Noticed you on I heart Handmade. Your profile looks great and the pics of the soaps are great.