Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny pictures Funny video

I know I am so wrong...I know it, but I see this can every time I go to Meijers, so this one particular time I have my camera with me so I thought I would share the giggles with you all. I myself usually have a good hearty giggle every time I walk down the isle where this is located.

I have no idea what this food product should be, it sounds like a venereal disease.....

This video was shot at a gas station in the WORST part of town. When I pulled in to video this sign I thought we may be shot or WORSE! I risked life and limb for this one, and sadly they have changed the sign, it used to read in order: We have Kerosene - We have Ephedrine - We have Colt 45 $1.99 and so on and so forth, it basically is telling everyone in the hood that they sell a lot of the products needed to make meth...but here is the sign since they changed it, if you blink you miss the "ephedrine" scrolling across the sign real quick...maybe they got busted?? Who knows!

This was made on They have this cool program called a LOL maker, and you can make any of your own pictures look like the LOL cats pictures. So, I took this one of Maylee today when she was being a whiney butt and I HAD to tweak it a bit. She just looks so threatening ya know LOL

I made others too but they are older

Isn't she adorable, this was right after she started walking last September

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share my adventure videotaping funny meth signs in the hood and sweet baby pictures with you guys.

I will post soap stuff soon!! I list new ones every week in both shops

Mayleesgarden on Artfire

Mayleesgarden on Etsy

Oh yeah one more artfire store is now set up to take your order without you needing an account I had NO idea there was a setting I had to do something to till I found it on accident yesterday. But its all set up now and no one should have any trouble buying from me whether they are on artfire as a member or not. If anyone has any problems with it email me and I will get to the bottom of it!


Kreated by Kelly said...

That food is hilarious! I showed Michael and he said, "Is she in England or something?" I was like, "huh?" He said, "That's a traditional English food." So, baby that is some sort of upscale grub ya be giggling over. :)
I love the Breaking News picture of Maylee -- too too cute!!!

Justine said...

haha! Girrl, this post cracked me up!!!

Indigo said...

I thought you guys were into Harry Potter. His fave dessert is Treacle Tart (which reminds me of pecan pie, a bit).

Treacle is golden syrup. Lighter than molasses. They also use it on porridge.

Too sweet for my taste, but my brother loves that crap.

Blisskitty said...

Omg. That is crazy. Std in a can :)
Maylee is supah cute... Even with 20 hostages! I'll try to get to a computer soon so I can see the video :)

lilgamoma said...

Maylee is adorable. I have no clue what that food is though, lol.

Pren said...

aaaaaahahahaha! do NOT eat that.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jillian and I were in Wegman's the other day and I noticed the can of spotted dick.
She took a pic of herself with it.
Nuff said.