Friday, March 27, 2009

Showing off our cool new stuff

First thing is the necklace I got yesterday. i bought this from Kees Juicy gems who makes incredible tree pendants! She was twittering a special where if you buy a pendant you can have one sent to a friend for free! So I was all over it cause I had a friend I wanted to send one to, Journeyhawk who is expecting a baby any day now! I am so excited for her its her first one and she is nervous of course so I wanted to make her happy with something pretty. She also got her necklace yesterday too!
These pendants are so detailed. i had no idea you could do all that with wire! The stones are real peridot on this one too which is my birthstone (smiles) It is very well made and good size as you can see. Maylee loves it...maybe a little too much LOL. I highly recommend this seller, she has great top quality products and fast shipping! Go show her some love!

Next is some things we got last week (I been shopping WAY to much yes) First is my goodies from kreatedbykelly who has the nicest button jewelry and bouquets you ever seen! She has a shop on Etsy and on Artfire too...and remember there is no account needed when you shop on Artfire!!!
This is my awesome pink fabric cuff, and my huge button ring, these go great together and I plan on wearing it with my huge big corset skirt I have before it gets too hot outside to wear the I have to find a top to match that is not a white t shirt....

This is my colorful ring that I have been wearing a lot lately cause it matches everything! Especially my hippie patchwork stuff. I love this ring!!! Kelly's stuff is always so well made! I am acquiring a massive collection of her stuff here and at moms house too! Mom has her bouquets and they are seriously to die for. They are so well made, and the choices of buttons are just perfection. i could go on and on about how awesomely talented Kelly is! The bag was made by Kelly too. I cant get a decent picture, and I will never get a picture to reflect the quality! This is my new crochet projects bag...for now but I got a feeling I will be putting my other stuff in there and making it a full time bag soon. its just too pretty! And it matches the ring LOL. So that's it for this round of Kelly stuff, go see her, love her stuff! Buy her stuff! She is awesome!!! And every package is like getting a present, its all wrapped real nice and pretty...I love it when I get boxes from her!

Next is Unicorns Pride. My good friend Lana from Hippiesew, she makes some seriously awesome soap, and she is the master of soapmaking. She really is! When I have a problem with soap I can go to her and she is ON IT! She KNOWS everything...I love Lana. I don't know what I would do without her...especially when I do something stupid like add stinky toasted sesame seed oil to a batch of body butter thinking its normal sesame seed oil...but that's another blog post....Anyhoo! Lana made these adorable carrots and bananas...well those are Maylees two favorite foods so I had to buy them as soon as Lana let us know they were listed.

Maylee LOVES her new toys! She knows they are carrots and bananas too, she snatched them up right away and went to work organizing them on the chair on the front porch

Lana makes some really super nice crocheted hats and scarves, and some cute soap sacks. I know its trying to be spring right now but these scarves and hats are still nice for those days when spring isn't trying hard enough. I have some hats Lana made for Maylee when she was just a fetus that Lana sent. Maylee can still wear a couple of them and I have used them this winter as well as all last winter when she was itty bitty. Lana is a good friend to have. I heart Lana! So go check out her soaps and stuff, she is the Pro I am telling you, she has good stuff! She has been at this longer than me!

And last but most certainly NOT least is this awesome outfit Maylee is wearing from Tee Hee Studios. I am in AWE! Seriously. The drawing was made by a little lady named Tulsi. She made these drawings and her mom is so talented she silk screened them onto clothing WOW! So I bought one LOL I couldn't resist! I am a sucker for anything made by a child, so this was something I neeeeded for Maylee. She looks so sweet in her little outfit, and it looks comfortable on her too, and I am in love with the pink and green tie dye effects...of course (smiles)
The fabric this outfit was made from is very very good quality. You know how some premade onsie fabrics are just kinda crappy or thin, well this isn't. Its really good quality. I would say this would look good after 3 or 4 kids wore it and outgrew it. I plan on gifting this to some lucky baby after Maylee outgrows it. Art like this should be shared!
At Tee Hee Studios you can also get an awesome tea party tablecloth and napkin set I am in love with these! I love the drawings and I love the dye work on it too. I also hear that Tulsi and her mom made a book...rumor has it that the book will be in the shop soon so keep a look out. i am also a sucker for kids books! Maylee LOVES books! I do too! And what better than a book a little girl and her mom made, how sweet! If I see the book before you guys do I will post here...after I buy it LOL!!!

So I think that's it for now.I will be buying more from Tee Hee Studios soon as Maylee needs spring and summer clothes and i HATE everything in the retail stores. I am trying to buy her all handmade or hand altered clothing. I just don't want to support COMMUNISM! I hate buying crap from China, so that's one main reason I buy handmade and why I encourage you all to buy handmade. When you buy from China you support communism...and a little puppy dies each time you walk in wal-mart....and baby birds fall out of their nest each time you THINK about going to wal mart...and volcanoes erupt and take out whole cities and towns when you BUY something from get the picture. Its just bad. BUY HANDMADE!!!


Pren said...

great stuff all around but those button rings are awesome and how cool that the art on maylees new jumper is drawn by a kid! i love getting that kinda stuff for my neices and nephews cause it shows then that even though they are just little kids what they make is imposrtant too! :0)

lilgamoma said...

that's funny about walmart, cute stuff though.

Corinne Sullivan said...

I blogged you!

I also hearted the pendant here in turquoise, and will def be buying it as soon as I have $$. Thanks for the tip!

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

Awesome pic of Maylee looking into her sippy cup! That onsie is just to die for! I'm really amazed at how cute it is!