Thursday, March 26, 2009

Huge Sale in my Artfire shop

I have been twittering this for a couple of days now, if you are on twitter follow me! I am having a massive sale in my artfire shop ONLY

ALL items are 40% off, and my winter clothing is discounted even further. I am trying to move out the clothing to make way for spring and summer stuff if I can ever get thru my other projects to be able to sew things for my shop.

If you been wanting to try out the laundry soap or just any of my soaps now is the time to do it! Shipping is just 2.50 on the first item, and 40 cents for each additional item except the lip balms which are free shipping as long as it is purchased with another item. This amount is pretty exact as far as what it takes to actually ship it to you. and any overage you may pay over 1.00 will be refunded to you.

And no account on artfire is needed to buy! You just go there, find what you like and buy it! The checkout process is easier than etsy too. I am encouraging everyone to start buying from artfire, its a great site for buyers AND sellers. I can make my prices a little better over there cause my overhead is 7 bucks a month versus 30+ bucks per month in etsy you see why I am having a sale on artfire ONLY LOL

This sale will last until April 5th which is on a sunday night. If this sale goes well I may try to have different specials every month in my artfire shop. its just simply too expensive to have a sale on Etsy, and I hate that. So come on over to Artfire! A LOT of Etsy Artists are over there too here is a list of just a few of my friends that made the jump to Artfire Most of these ladies also have shops on Etsy too!

KreatedbyKelly (adorable button stuff! I am her number one fan!)
WhimsybyMari (Incredible jewelry, Mari is a sweetheart too! I know her in person!)
Infinitecosmos (amazing glass work!)
Wilmothfarms ( Goat milk soaps! She is super sweet too, I know her in real life as well!)
Journeyhawk ( My dear friend who is expecting a baby any day now go give her some LOVE!)
PurpleSageDesigns (Makes awesome tams! I owned one for years now its made really well!)

And thats about all my friends I can think of off hand. I encourage you to visit artfire especially one of these awesome shops and show these ladies some love. Again NO account with artfire needed to purchase items! Thanks for the love guys!

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Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

I'll be over for sure!!!! I want some laundry soap still, but funds have been tighter than I liked the last 2 months,,,horses are making be poor! Have you heard the saying "horse poor"? well i know where that comes from! LOL I'm still trying to get my laundry soap right...I think I need to harden my bars..they are a softer soap and just hasnt come out right....uuuggghhh, I know its a process! LOL Cant wait to see you again on the 25th...but hope to meet up sooner if we can find the time. Thanks for mentioning me! I'll blog about your sale tonight for you and hopefully bring some people your way! Love ya! big hugs to Maylee