Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was blogged about! And new soap set

I got blogged, and no its not a new word for imbibing alcohol, someone thought I was funny enough to write about me! Pam who has Pass It On Plates blog decided she would be nice and post not only my picture of my soap but the WHOLE huh? I guess cause its funny tee hee hee hee Thanks so much Pam! I told you I would blog about you now you can blog about me bloggging about you blogging...or maybe it should just die here??

For more humor, I have paired up the weed and the liquor soap for a gloriously hilarious combination. Get your party on!


For all the 20 somethings that still think its cool to smoke dope and get drunk then wake up the next morning with an incredibly nerdy man in your bed that smells like cheetos. This is for all the teens that think its cool to tell your friends you "got Blazed" with _______ (fill in the blank cool person in da hood) Now you dont have to wreck your body! Just shower with them, save water, conserve the planet, and get close to someone in a way you never thought possible. Putting new meaning to "getting liquored up". Just dont drop that soap buddy!

Making you feel warm and fuzzy inside since 2008...Maylees Garden Soaps (smiles)


420thoughts said...

Did you write this about me mama??? :P
~~~Mountain Girl (a.k.a. 420 Thoughts)

Auroras_Garden said...

hehehe I figured you would find your way to this blog post! LOL Where there is weed smell there you are! Your so cool. You inspire my weed humor! What would I do without ya!

Corinne Sullivan said...

haha this is hilarious! Love that description! Now that you've been blogged about, you've been tagged too! See:

Kyfarmlife said...

congrats on the gift guide!
And your weed soap...I laughed my butt off on that post! Boy oh boy....I need to get this soap for my brother to remind him of our crazy younger years.....ummm should I have said that?? Oh well! Love ya..miss talking!

Pren said...

ok i dont know about cheetos but occasionally the chads bath towel smells like fritos! i dont know what thats about but eeewww boys are gross hahaha

Pam said...

FINALLY playing catch-up on all my blog reading... Hoo hah! I'm still laughing about the whole thing. And Liquor soap too? What's the scent? Did I miss that one?

Thanks for your blog post blogging about me blogging about you in my blog.

Uhhhh... what?
I think I have a permagrin now.
Pass the doughnuts...