Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I got RAOK'ed today!

I am always doing RAOK's ( random acts of kindness) and once in a while I get some too! Today I got 3!

First one was from Anna whom I know from Hippiesew. Anna is so sweet, I just love her to pieces and she offered to make Maylee a sweater a while back when I was asking around looking to find someone to make one. Anna offered to do this for me free of charge just to have the practice. See I told you she was super sweet!

Isnt it gorgeous! I am so in love with this yarn. its soft and thick and OMG! Its so pink and green I cant help but wish this sweater would fit me!

Maylee is a bit small for it now, but by golly next winter she is gonna look so awesome in this!!

I cant thank you enough Anna. You did a GREAT job on this. I dont see any mistakes at all but of course I am a beginner too and I am so blown away by the incredible color that I couldnt spot a mistake if it had a glaring hole in it! LOL I LOVE the star on the front oh I love it!! The hood is just awesome. Anna if you ever do get time I want one in MY size! LOL You could sell tons of these if you make em for grown ups I would buy a buttload of them! LOL

Next package on my front porch was from Minde who runs Two Souls Earth Threads. I loves my Minde and I just sent her an RAOK of a buncha cool stuff and she was so kind to lay down her mad felting skillz on a bar of my soap and send it to me! Minde is best known for her mind blowing appliques and gorgeous clothing and bags, but she has taken up felting and boy is she talented! This mama never stops cranking out the good stuff. I love you Minde! Thanks so much for the soap and for the felting tool. Tyler is in love with it! He made his own felted soap with it!

And last but most certainly not least is Jen Who runs and The Etsy shop Hip Threads. I love Jen. I do. She has a heart of gold and she is so kind and so darn talented! I have loved her stuff since I started sewing, and she along with Minde and a couple of others were my inspiration to do what I do. I cant thank them enough for just being who they are and sharing their art with the world! There were so many talented mama's on eBay when I first started and now most of us are on Etsy selling our goods, times change but we seem to stay constant. Anyhoo...back from reminiscing... Jen was so kind to just send Maylee a gorgeous hat and scarf set out of nowhere, and she sent me some cool CD's I am gonna check out tomorrow.

Jen I cant thank you enough! I wish I could have got a better picture for ya but Maylee is awful quick. She had all these groceries to go thru. We went to the grocery and left the bags on the floor, i was so excited to have packages I just tore into everything and Maylee tore into the groceries LOL She had boxes of food everywhere but she was anxious to get back into her groceries and sick of me following her with the camera at this point and she yanked everything off and made a dive for the box of Cascade dishwasher detergent she has been lusting after for the past 8 or 9 months LOL She wants that box BAD, and when she seen it in the grocery bag, that was it NOSEDIVE!

In my mail I also got my Bamboo! I will have a post about that coming up today! I have lots of pictures!


Kreated by Kelly said...

Maylee is so darned cute in that sweater!!!! I'm glad that you sisters were able to make your day when you needed it the most *smiles*

Rhonda said...

She's so adorable!