Monday, June 23, 2008

Treasuries I have known and loved... tee hee hee

Here you can see the very first treasury I was in. The pic is kinda small but still effective! My awesome stitchin sista Olivia created this awesome treasury and was kind enough to put me in it. I love you Olivia!!!!!!!

Here you can see the newest treasury. I am so grateful to the lovely Miss enchantedbeads for putting me in here. There is lots of really pretty jewelry in this know how I like jewelry!

Here is the treasury I MADE all by myself. I waited from 6 AM to about 12:45 to get this one. It was on treasury west And not the main treasury.But I was still thrilled.

If anyone that was in the treasury I made wants a copy of the picture I will send you the .JPG image, just email me at and I will send it to ya! That treasury kicked butt, and I will be making another one. As long as Maylee is whiney and teething real bad where I have to hold her a lot, I will be tied to this computer LOL By god I will get another treasury!!! (evil laugh)

I am so excited about this treasury know what would make me pee my pants? If I found a picture of Maylee in a treasury. I really think I would cry, I am so weird LOL I have taken such great pics of her modeling my pillowcase dresses. I have had several printed up too cause they are so good...I would just cry for joy to see my beautiful little sweetheart in a treasury....

I love treasuries!

All hail Etsy!

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