Monday, June 30, 2008

ACEO addiction

I been wanting to make some of these forever, and yesterday I lost my computer to the kids all day so I did what any crafter would do...I created stuff LOL

These cool cards are SOOO much fun to make. I made a few and wanted to show them off here and I hope to include this new art work in my shop this week, as I am hooked on it and I feel like this form of art really allows me to speak my soul. I can make such a statement without saying a word, I like that.

Here are a few:

This one I made from a wallet size picture of Maylee and some fabric and lace. Did I mention these cards are the size of a baseball card?? The are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and fit inside one of those plastic sleeves you can get for baseball and oth
er collector cards. This is a fun cheap way to build up a fantastic art collection! There are sellers on Etsy who make special frames for these that will hold like 3 or more ACEO's. Just do a search for "ACEO frames" and you should come up with a few!

Here is one of thee cards in relation to a standard size computer mouse

Here is one I made from the packages off some fireworks Tyler got. Pretty funny huh?

I like making funny ones, and serious ones too like this next one:

I call this one Garden Variety Consumerism.

The glue isnt dry yet as you can see but I had to show it off. I JUST made this one LOL

This was inspired by the mountains of credit card offers both of us get every freaking day. I chose to recycle one to make a point.

Here is another one I made that I LOOOVE!

This is made from fabric, a batik on the background and random cottons for the fairy. I made her wings out of jewelry wire. Neat huh?

See how much fun you can have with this. I use ALL kinds of stuff around the house to make em! The only rule is they have to be 2.5 by 3.5 inches to qualify as an ACEO. You can just turn loose and have fun! This is similar to the Dotee doll thing I was into. It was fun and you could use SOOO many things to make your doll special.

Feel free to post a comment and let me know whatcha think! I love getting feedback on stuff


pren said...

those are great. you know we do an artist trading card thingy over at the harry potter crafts group every few months youd be great at it! but they are themed, like wizarding familys or wizard shopping so it helps if youve read the boks or seen the movies and if i remember right you havent caught the bug yet. have you? ooohhhh i will infect you give me time. moowaahahahahaha

Julie said...

Hi! I am also into ACT's. I just found out about them maybe 6 months ago, but have enjoyed making a few! I am about to start a fairy series, I hope. I love your cards here! Really good stuff! I hope you can come and see my ATC's. Come to my succulent blog, and then I have a link to my ATC blog on the sidebar! I have made a few patriotic cards lately! The one on top is my favoite to date! It has a chihuahua, and I did not glue down his head, but left it as a sort of pop-up! I am so happy I not only found a fairy lover, but and ATC gal as well! I just posted pics of my fairy garden on the succulent might like them as well. I will add you to my links so I can check back often!

Momwithahook said...

Nice work on the atc's. I really love the Maylee one and the other one you did with fabric.

Pam Hawk said...

Those are so neat. And I just love the one you did of Maylee. I didn't notice the wings at first but then saw them and gasped! Sooooo cute!

BTW, what is an ACEO? (And what's an ATC?)

Auroras_Garden said...

An ACEO is basically like a baseball card...they are the same size, fit in the same kind of plastic sleeve, and you can trade them and collect them. Its a cheap way to have good art on your walls!

pren said...

yeah. so is and ATC thats an "artist trading card" you and your friends being the artists :0)