Saturday, March 15, 2008

Myspace getting deleted...venting

A dear friend proposed the idea that my profile may have been hacked...I blew off the idea cause my password is air tight, and I "know" nobody could crack it...however. Hackers are coming up with new cracking programs every day and its very possible somebody with absolutley NO LIFE may have cracked my password and canceled my account...its a possiblity I am not blowing off any more.

Now that I am considering this may be a possibility I remembered a few days ago, this past week where I was taken to a bogus myspace site and prompted to enter my password. I didnt do it cause I am lazy and since I am using Firefox as a web browser it automatically put in my username and password as long as the site is the same site I have been visiting...I seen my username did not pop up in the box in this particular site so I looked at the URL and sure enough it was a bogus myspace site. Kudos to the loser that made looked like the real deal!

Anyhoo...that incident is making me think somehow maybe some moron was able to get my password thru some other means...I have no idea how. need to call my hacking brother on this one, I am stumped.

Tom swears he didnt do hopefully he can tell me who did. Ya know I been emailing myspace constantly to get an answer as to who deleted my shit, WHY they deleted my shit, and how can I get my blog back if its even possible...and I get the runaround and stupid computer generated responses....I go to Tom’s profile and leave a comment calling him a fucktard, and demanding my blog back and I get a response...Hmmmm. The things you have to do to get peoples attention these days.

I will keep everyone updated as to what happened. There are so many people selling on here and so many people making political statements and I get targeted...I am starting to wonder now whats the deal....Maybe is was a hacker...God have mercy on his soul if I find out it was and who he is.

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