Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long Time No See!


Its been over a year since my last post. My how things have changed! The pic to the right is Maylee, she will be 4 years old in October. She has got so big and is such a blessing! She is a total joy to have around.
I cut my dreads last November for my mom. She is happy, and I feel lighter. I figure I have a short time to make mom happy and a lifetime of my own to have dreads. Mom was diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis 2 years ago and its been downhill ever since. All prayers are appreciated.I have moved in with mom since November last year and I feel blessed to have the chance to take care of the woman who gave up everything for me when I was a child to take care of me so well. Im glad I get to return the favor. At school I was one of like 3 kids with a homemade lunch to eat. I could always depend on mom to be there when I was sick, like when I had chicken pox she did everything she could think of to make the itching stop. The only thing that worked was ice packs on my feet cause thats where it was the worst! Mom was always there and always worked hard to give us the best freshest food every day and a clean nice house to live in. I am grateful.

 My firstborn child Justin turned 18 on August 19th. Yes, this is him...all manly. It feels like just yesterday I was changing his diapers and begging him to eat something besides bologna! LOL
We had a big cake and I baked him a huge cookie cause thats what he likes. Mom bought him all kinds of Darth Vader stuff cause he is totally dark side. And I know for halloween  he will be Darth Vader...again...Justin will be graduating this year too. He has Cerebral Palsy and has really made me proud with all he has accomplished. Everyone who meets him loves him. He never meets a stranger and is always hugging old ladies...and flirting with the young ones! He cracks me up cause he tries to be smooth when he flirts. Girls like him though...they better not like him TOO much cause he is still my baby!!
 Tyler is gonna be 14 soon. He left me and moved in with his dad cause his dad does stuff like hunt animals and drives a big truck with monster tires...thats OK son I forgive you. Maylee misses him and wales the tar out of him when he comes down for a visit. She was always crazy about her "Brugga" At least with Tyler knowing how to use firearms maybe boys wont be too much of a problem when Maylee is a teenager?? LOL I always try to see the bright side of things...

Funny Picture I made on my iphone..the app is called "Where do I put my Outhouse" Its free go to the app store NOW and get it! I almost peed myself laughing the night I downloaded it!

Im still making soap, trying to get back into sewing...I stay pretty busy taking care of everyone but once in a while I have time to sew. Since winter is coming there will be lots of time soon.

We had a good garden this year and I grew this...its a Tigger Melon. It tastes like a mix between cantaloupe and watermelon but it has a creamy texture and the taste isnt overpowering. I am quite pleased with it and will be growing tons more next year! I plan on making this into a smoothie soon! Its such a gorgeous melon. Maylee likes looking for ripe ones. They go from dark green to this gorgeous brown golden color. I think its the prettiest vegetable ever!
 I love where I live now, I am next door to my aunt and uncle and their grandaughter and her husband and baby Olivia, Their daughter lives behind us both with her 3 kids and husband. This is like the most perfect situation ever! I love it! I can go outside anytime and there is someone there that I know and can talk to. My uncle mows the grass for the whole "community" and we all help each other out. Its totally awesome here and its like the most perfect place I always wanted to live but didnt know it till I got here. And to think if I hadnt lost my home, I wouldnt be able to live here and be so happy. Always remember no matter what happens good WILL come out of it! 
I hope to have some new tutorials on my YouTube Channel pretty soon cause I just found out my Smocking tutorial has got 14,500+ views since I posted it in 2009! I was shocked! So Im gonna be making more tutorials cause I know how to do lots of things so why not share, right?

Thanks guys for listening to me ramble on. I had a lot of catching up to do and that aint even the half of it! LOL

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