Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seahorses in my dreads

You wanna know where I got it dont ya??

You want to know so you can go fetch one for yourself huh?

Well...its MY secret! I aint tellin'!

OK OK I will tell but only cause I feel generous enough today to divulge my sources of awesomeness...

I got this from the amazing: Shepherdcreations shop on Artfire
She also has a shop on Etsy: ShepherdCreations on Etsy
ShepherdCreations Blog
ShepherdCreations Facebook Fan page

I highly recommend checking her out as her dread beads and other glass work is phenomenal! She is quite an amazing artist for sure. I am in awe of this lil guy in my dreads. He is just so sweet! I even put blue color back in my dreads to match him...I need to bleach out the roots real bad but it still looks cool, 'specially with my new seahorse friend riding on my dread!

Thanks so much Patrice!


KreatedByKelly said...

What a beautiful picture of you :) The seahorse is gorgeous!!

Auroras_Garden said...

Why thank you Kelly! I took like 50 pictures of me to get ONE good one LOL That seahorse is amazing. I love him, he is my new buddy riding on my dreadlocks wherever I go! YEE HAW!