Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Soapmaking pics with Video of a volcano too!

This is my video I just made showing the "volcano" process that occurs sometimes during hot process soap making. I apologize for the uber BAD lighting. its raining AGAIN TODAY here in Louisville Kentucky so all I have to work with is the kitchen light.

ANYHOO, In this video you see a normal calm pot of soap start to rise! WOW! And then I have to lay the smack down at one point cause its gonna crawl out of the pan if I dont LOL. But this shows the most fascinating part of soapmaking for me. The stage where so many chemical reactions occur and the batch heats up and as the heat tries to escape its taking the soap with it! LOL

The stages of my soap go like this: I mix the oil and lye water, I get it to a thick trace with the hand blender, then I let it sit. Its like thick pudding at this point, then it gets super hard like concrete you cannot stir it at this point, you can pick up chunks with a spoon but stirring is impossible...

then comes the volcano, and the last stage is the vaseline oily looking soap that is easy to stir...kinda like vaseline

Then as it cooks more and then cools down it turns into something like play doh...for me. I use a water discount so if you go by the rules you will get a different product,hopefully pourable! LOL A pourable but thick soap is the usual desired outcome of hot process soap.

Hope this has been educational and fun for ya. I would LOOOVE to do a video on how to do soap start to finish. It would make me a youtube star I bet! LOL I will talk to Tyler and see if he will be my video guy one day. I have yet to see a video showing this process from start to finish, and I think it would inspire others to get into soapmaking. I enjoy making my own soap. Its profitable, and its fun and I save a ton of money. I would love to share the joy and wonder I have when making a batch of soap with the world! For me as a big time nerd its still as fascinating to watch as it was the first time I made soap.


Pren said...

it was very educational although i will still let you do all the work and just buy the soap from you. hahaha

kenan and tree said...

i would love to see a video of the whole process! i bought all the stuff to try sop making like 10 years ago, and am still too intimidated to try it. hee hee.

Auroras_Garden said...

I will work on the video then. I will have to learn how to use a video editor too so the video isnt like 2 or 3 hours long LOL I been wanting to get into video editing anyways so this gives me the perfect excuse!

Thanks Tree!

Thanks Pren! Soapmaking can be dangerous so its best to just buy from the daredevils who make it hehehehe It brings excitement to my life...