Monday, May 4, 2009

New recipe Mexican Chip Dip

This is my recipe I made for this awesome dip. I was inspired by a dish from a local restaurant....I didnt totally rip it off but its close...anyhoo! This can be made completely vegan with a few simple changes, for now its OK for milk consuming vegetarians
This is so quick and easy its almost WRONG!
Here is what you need:
A bag of tortilla chips
1 can of Hormel vegetarian chili
1 packet of Old El Paso taco seasoning
1 jar of Newmanns own PINEAPPLE salsa
about 2 cups of brown rice, or white whichever you like
A container of sour cream..they make this in vegan
Some cilantro,onion,cumin

First thing, put 2 cups of rice in a pot with enough water to cover the second knuckle on your index finger when stuck down to the top of the rice...yes these are precise measurements here. Put in about 2 or 3 teaspoons of the taco seasoning, a pinch or three of cilantro, and stir often as it cooks. For best rice cover it with a lid and simmer on low till its soft. This will smell real good in a minute.

While its cooking take your chili and add in about 3 teaspoons of the taco seasoning and some more cilantro...a pinch or three, and a handful of chopped onion. if you like hot chili add some powdered cayenne pepper Yee Haw! Cook all this stirring occasionally in a pot on low heat and just let it simmer while the rice is cooking. You should be drawing a crowd by now in your kitchen.

When the rice is done, layer a pretty decent layer of rice on a BIG plate, smooth it out all nice like so....

Then add your chili layer to the rice layer like so: Smooth it all out nice and purty...feel free to use the back end of your spoon to shoo away well meaning but now starving family members...

add a nice layer of salsa to the chili layer. The pineapple in this really sets it off! Mango salsa is great too!

YUM! If the crowd gathered about you is getting hostile dont hesitate to run them outside and lock the door cause your ALMOST DONE!

Now you can add some of that sour cream you been keeping in the fridge for this recipe. Just put some dabs of it here and there...I like sour cream sometimes so I put a LOT of dabs everywhere I could. Holler at the kids and tell them to hang on and quit beating each other its almost ready!

Now add some of those chips you had to hide under your bed to keep the hubs from stealing them, and your done! Call in the horde that has angrily gathered outside your locked front door and assure them you still love them with this.

I would have took a picture of it after we ate it but I was too full. It costs about 10 bucks to make this having to buy all the stuff premade except the rice. You can make your own chili from scratch and your own salsa and save some money...maybe. LOL

Have fun with it!


Vegan Craft Samples said...

this looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pren said...

hahahaha. you are a riot! i especially loved the part about shooing away the family members with the spoon!

PurrPrints said...

Now I'm all hungry!

babalisme said...

This is soooo mouth watering!
Oh by the way I'm here by Angela's of hint :)

Anonymous said...

this dip is so flippin' good, i hardly got any because the family destroyed it so fast.