Saturday, May 23, 2009

I just made Lotion!

Yes I am THIS excited! LOL

I been reading and reading about lotion, and I had the emulsifying wax here to make it and I decided to go on and jump in while I got this ton of body butter sitting here I cant sell cause its too hot to ship it.

The e-wax I am using is totally vegetable based, and I did some pretty thorough research on it to make sure its "safe' Everything I read on it says there is no known risk to humans or animals or environment with contact with this wax. I am convinced its safe. You guys know how I am about chemicals in bath and body products, I wont use any of that stuff, its too dangerous in my opinion thats why I began making soap in the first place was to get away from the carcinogens in bath and body products. My products are more "Unrefined" and not as "pretty" as the store bought stuff but they work better and are safe!

So the verdict on the lotion is: I applied some to my arm, and it goes on feeling a bit wet...I think this is how lotion is supposed to be. Its been YEARS since I used lotion so its hard to remember. The wet feeling goes away after couple of seconds. Then it feels a wee bit oily, not greasy or gross, just oily...that goes away in about 10 minutes and baby soft skin is what I have left. I LOVE it!

This is my body butter recipe, just made into a lotion. The oil part of the recipe is my body butter mixture, the water part is....well...water and a wee bit of borax to help emulsify and to help soften the water I used...I use ONLY distilled water.

I am so happy!!! Now to find packaging. I put some in this baby food jar and I am not so sure it would be a good sell in a baby food jar. I am totally into the recycling thing, but this is lotion LOL So lets vote! Tell me what YOU think would make good packaging! Voter thingy is to the right hand side under the SUBSCRIBE form (hint hint) hehehehehe

Let me know what ya think! I am hoping you dear voters can help me make the packaging look the way YOU want for YOUR convenience. Let me know what you think is best!


Jessica said...

you should so do recycled soda pop bottles it would be awsome!

Auroras_Garden said...

LOL! Thats an idea!

Kellibeans said...

I have absolutely no problem with baby food jars. I don't care what the packaging looks like if the product is good.

If you're hinky about the label on the lid, just cover it up with a scrap fabric square, and put a rubber band around it to hold the fabric down...jelly jar style! LOL

Make a note on your label that you're using recycled jars or quote "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without". I think using recycled containers gives you some street cred. I know it does with me, at least... ;) HAH!

Pren said...

hey mamma! this is fantastic. i love that you honestly describe your products too. so you say it feels oily for a while but then it goes away. most sellers would never say that because they might think it sounds bad but then when you say it goes away i believe that more because you were so truthfull previously. did that make any sense. i think the baby food jars are fine. cut a square of fabric with pinking shears and glue it to the lid with a spray glue and glue a piece of ribbon around that like on the lip of the lid. slap a pretty printed sticker label on the jar itself and in your listing say they are upcycled jars. i think that would make them sell even better. and since its a jar you can get every dang little dab out of there. you can never do that with a bottle

Pren said...

oh ps. i forgot to say that the spray glue takes some practice but its brilliant. if you need tips just let me know. i have made every mistake known to man with that stuff going through college