Friday, May 29, 2009

Guerrilla marketing tips

This article was published by Pam Hawk who is amazing with this stuff. I subscribe to her blog thru email and got this post and I just HAVE to repost it here

151 Guerrilla Marketing Tips

I have a few tips of my own I got from our new team member Kelli of Kellibeans fame

Make small items and leave them places, like sample sizes of your product, something small that cost little time and effort to make with your business info attached

Make something useful that has your business info on it...a pen, a magnet, a calender,SOMETHING that a person could use often and be less likely to throw away or ignore.

Have fun with guerrilla marketing it sounds like something I would like to get into myself as I am ALLL about marketing! Just make sure your marketing ends up being cost effective and you dont go ovr your budget you set aside for advertising expenses. it can be so easy to go over budget, I have done it before! LOL


Jane said...

cool thanks!

Pam said...

Hey... Thank you Libby!

Ooh, and I have been reading you in my reader and this is the first time I saw your new blog look & header. Love it!!