Friday, October 17, 2008

Maylees Birthday Party

There she is wondering all over moms house sniffing the air and seeing what we are doing in the kitchen.

Me and mommy are hard at work making the best damn cupcakes you ever ate.

Dont that look good? And thats BEFORE the homemade real butter and sugar icing...yep no stuff out of a can, its all made from scratch.

I wish the pictures hadnt come out so blurry I have very few clear ones unfortunately but just bear with me LOL

We made the best cupcakes ever with green and pink icing. There was a gallon of chocolate ice cream in the freezer that dad had bought about 3 days before he died. Mom said he had picked it up at the store cause he knew we was gonna need it for Maylee's birthday. Dads favorite was vanilla, but he bought chocolate cause he knew thats what I liked...I almost cried when mom told me, but I didnt I did good I held up thru the whole day...I knew I could do it. When mom told me he bought plastic spoons and paper plates I almost lost it again but I hung in there....Dad was always thinking ahead.

I gave Maylee her presents that Tyler had wrapped in such a fashion I had trouble getting thru all the paper to the actual present inside...Tyler sure can wrap a present! LOL I got Maylee a really cool I Spy Bag from The Crafting Corner I also bought one more bag for my friends baby who is turning 1 a week after Maylee. I also got Maylee a cool ninja from Sandy's Dandy's I loved the ninja, so well made!! You can see it in this picture.

I also got in on shopping too late for Maylee so I bought her some "after birthday" presents. I got her A block from a local shop, Spool of Plenty I dont have a picture of the blocks in action yet but trust me, they are big and fluffy and VERY well made, and she even done the one I got for my friend with a custom embroidery! I highly recommend this shop if your looking for baby stuff, and she has more than big fluffy blocks too!

I also bought Maylee a little green baby doll from my sweet friend Patience who did an incredible job

You can see his legs hanging out of Maylees Halloween purse/bag I got a couple weeks ago from GinnyMacks Crafts . I could not get a good picture of her playing with him for nothing! She moves quicker than I do LOL.

My friend Patience makes all kinds of cool stuff and her shop can be found here

This is a picture of the cute lil guy from the listing she had for him. he is adorable in person. Maylee loves him a bunch!

I also got Maylee some shoes...not as a birthday present but because she needs them. I hate buying anything from a store that can be handmade, so I searched Etsy high and low for baby shoes to fit Maylee. I found a couple of pairs I liked and bought.

These came from kaboogie and are VERY well made, and perfect for a baby walking around outside and in stores and whatnot. Maylee wears these everywhere she goes, and I highly recommend this shop for shoes cause they are VERY well made. I have seen similar shoes in stores for know, the soft soled shoes....I like these better, and they are warm! There is a layer of flannel inside.

I also got these cute lil shoes for Maylee for just around the house so I can hear where she is at. These have bells on the sides and she sounds so cute walking around in these. These came from Bublico and are also very well made. I LOVE these lil shoes, and they come in a bunch of different baby sizes too!

So now Maylee has a bunch of nice toys, and some really awesome shoes to wear now that its cold outside and we NEED to protect her feet.

So that was Maylees birthday...she liked her two toys she got, and she ate a little bit of cupcake all by herself. That was pretty cool to watch, and she didnt get it all over her dad either! You go sweet baby!

She liked the cake a lot but the ice cream was just a bit too cold for her new teeth....

That face is priceless....


Corinne Sullivan said...

so sweet, especially about your dad...

KimberlyRies said...

Glad you guys had a nice birthday celebration, although it sounds very bittersweet too. So sweet that your dad had bought all those things ahead of time.

Those shoes you found at etsy are adorable!


Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks was so sweet of dad to buy those things ahead of time. he loved Maylee with all his heart, and I know he was looking forward to seeing her on her birthday. I am sure he was hanging out somewhere watching. I have always said that death is like a caterpillar that makes his cocoon and transforms into a butterfly. He isnt dead when he is in the cocoon, he is changing form...thats how death is for us I believe.We are never gone, just changed.

HeatherRai said...

Maylee looks so precious eating cake with her daddy. Sounds like your dad loved you so much to have been thinking of your chocolate needs :-) Now that is a real man - lol.

Blessings of rain and of shine and of bitter with the sweet, blessings of bounty for the friends which we meet!

All my best to you,

Pren said...

awww she looks like such a big girl.

kaboogie said...

Awww, what a lovely party you made for her! She is precious, and thank so much for posting my boogie shoes!!!

bubolina said...

she is so cute and adorable! and a great help around the house i bet...