Saturday, August 2, 2008

Video Of Maylee crawling and clapping.

If you look closely at the cute baby you will see teeth! Yes she now has 4 teeth! Her two top ones finally match. One was longer than the other for a while hehehehe. It was pretty funny. She looked like a little redneck for a while.

She is getting SO big. She is gonna be walking very soon. Big Bubba Tyler inspires her to walk. He was "showing" her how to walk the other day and she tried it! She keeps cruising the furniture, and after Tyler was showing her how to walk she decided she wanted to do it and she kept trying to let go but she is still too scared. She will raise up on her feet in middle of the floor though, not hanging on to anything she goes from sitting to standing and just grins at us when she does it cause we make a big deal out of it so she is doing it for attention no doubt. I am gonna miss all her funky crawls...the spider crawl with her butt up in the air and feet on the floor...her funny one legged crawl with one knee on the floor and using one foot to propel herself (sigh) but she has to grow up. I cant stop her....dammit.

She is becoming more vocal in a different way too...she says "mama" when she wants someone to hold her. Everyone here is "mama" even Tyler. I tried so hard to get her to say "mama" since she was a newborn...ya gotta start early! Now she just calls everybody mama (sigh). She also says something that sounds like "EEEEEE!" She sounds cute when she says this. She also clapped her hands yesterday for the first time. Me and Tyler have been trying to get her to do this for ages and she finally did it out of nowhere yesterday. I was excited.

This is a video of her clapping her hands. I actually had the camera on her when she did it. I was so surprised! She is also doing her spider crawl and she pulls up to some boxes I have sitting here waiting for my husband to take them outside...probably by the next time I post they will STILL be sitting here waiting to be taken to the garage (sigh) Anyhoo...have fun watching Maylee, I know I am having a ball watching her grow up and so many of you guys are too.

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